Welcome to the home of StressedOG. What is StressedOG? First, it is not “Stress Dog” but instead, “Stressed O G”. The term “OG” stands for Original Gangster. Let’s discuss the “Stressed” portion. In 1995 myself and another auto enthusiast founded a car/truck club Called Stressed Environment. Twenty years later, and since 2002, I am the only remaining founder. Thus, the original gangster, or OG, of Stressed Environment.

Now that we have a little clarification as to the website name let me explain. This is not a business site, this is not a scheme to join my MLM program and this website is not an online magazine. Instead, this website is a personal view of the daily intake of life through my eyes and these eyes have seen plenty. Now this is not to be taken as I know all answers to life. (If I did I would be making much more money)

My world has always wrapped around fast cars, drag racing, custom trucks and cars, truck shows, show promotions, music, concerts, graphic media design, the kustom kulture (those that know will understand) and an overall love of viewing and creating anything with my hands and twisted pretzel for a brain. This is not a “niche” site and web traffic means absolutely nothing on my site. This is merely a place for me to get the voices out of my head in regards to life. I have been working on custom cars and in the automotive business for over 30 years. Although I rarely partake in the building of cars or trucks currently I still take on the occasional project for friends and family.