Since the mid 80’s I have been racing, building show cars for myself and others, involved in the custom show scene, and much more. Since the mid 90’s I have been delving into graphic design and web design with my first website published in 1995 on a free Geocities account. During these times I have never been afraid to try new things and continued to improve my crafts. I have put together a gallery of photos with some highlights of my time here on this earth. I have had the pleasure of working with many great people and made life long friends along my journey. Some are still with us and some have, sadly, passed on to a much better place.

Although I am no longer building cars full time and my graphic design is more of a hobby these days, I will update the galleries as new projects arise. I will list updates on this page. So, check back often and be sure to subscribe to my page below to receive updates as they happen.

6-24-2016 – New logo and business card designs for Genova Investments have been uploaded.

Business Cards - Genova Investments

Business Cards – Genova Investments