Pussification of America. The New Generation.

We have all heard our parents say that dreaded phrase, “When I was your age!”. We all swear we will never use this phrase with our children. However, somewhere along the parenthood journey we all let it escape from our lips. Could this possibly be because we now understand what our parents were attempting to convey to us early in life? Possibly, however, no matter how it was in past generations the world evolves and changes in ways we simply cannot understand. At some point though we have to take a step back, look in the direction of our future and realize we are on a collision course. Is it too late? Have we, as a country, reached the point of pussification of America?

What is pussification? It is exactly what it sounds like. In an age of political correctness, self entitlement, frivolous lawsuits, leaders without a backbone, the fear of a police state just due to our voice, the failing stature of the United States dollar, the fear of offending those around you and an overall lack of honest leadership. Where have our balls disappeared to? I can answer this for you. We have handed our balls out to the highest bidding corporations. These corporations dictate (no pun intended) the actions of our leaders by campaign contributions. Sadly, these corporations are not limited to US ran corporations. When going back in our magical time machine the last “stand up” president we had was Ronald Reagan and that is only because he played one on TV.

We watched a prime example of this situation this past week. All countries have felt the atrocities of ISIS. While King Abdullah of Jordan was leading an air assault in retaliation for the brutal burning of one of his pilots Obama was taking a break from golf to compare ISIS with the likes of the religious crusades. For real dumb ass? We might as well accept the tragedies of slavery, the holocaust and any other massacres deemed in the name of religion. On top of this why don’t we throw in a bonus of handing ISIS over known terrorists we have in custody. After all, we are humanitarians. This is an extreme example but one that leaves our nation with the appearance of weakness.

Where does this mentality root from? It starts in our childhood years with the guidance of our parents, teachers, coaches and counselors. But wait! We cannot discipline our children anymore for fear the government will step into our homes, take our children away and place them in random foster homes to be forever lost in the system. Most of these same foster homes are only in existence to receive the government subsidies they receive for hosting children. What are we teaching our children by allowing them to behave however they want without being held accountable for their actions? The simple answer is that there is no right or wrong. But instead, there are only selfish needs that will be obtained at whatever cost. We can flip this scenario and ask, “What about the children that grew up in well off stable homes?” The same remains true with the exception to now the children expect someone to give them what they want. The children are never taught the principle of working for what they want to obtain in life. If you cry and whine enough it will simply be given to you. These learned behaviors carry over into adult life by means of “entitlement”. No matter what this new adult wants the government, their parents, grandparents or whoever will listen owe them. There is no longer the ethic of work hard for what you achieve in life. This makes it very difficult for those that truly fall on hard times and need the help. Now, these people that truly need help are competing against all the illegal aliens, entitlement children and red tape. In many cases by the time those truly in need receive help it is too late.

Along with entitlement comes my most hated current trend of being “politically correct”. We cannot take a shit in our own home anymore for fear it is not PC for the guy downstream. We live in an age filled with a new activist community popping up daily. These activist groups are minority in the individual capacities. However, they feel as though two hundred plus years of tradition should be amended because they are, now suddenly, offended. Any public speaker now feels as though they have to edit and revise their speeches twenty times to ensure they do not offend any specific group. Did Martin Luther King worry about being politically correct? Look at the change he affected in our country. However, this was back when you could still affect change without the fear the minority groups, animal activists, atheists and gender challenged protesters holding a rally because you used a paper notepad made by a company with ties to Sea World and a CEO that is vocal about Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. When did our country turn into this abomination? A man with a thought, even if only to him, to improve upon society should be able to, openly and honestly, speak his peace and a vote be taken. Is this not what our country was founded upon. We may not like what he has to say but the people’s vote should be the final determination. Of course, since popular vote no longer matters (Obama 2nd term election) and only electoral votes count I guess we are screwed on this also. Refer to 2nd paragraph. Corporations hold the power, politicians are puppets to the corporations and the electoral college is made up of politicians.

The big question is at what point will people understand no one owes you anything? If you are able to work why should you receive welfare unless proven you are struggling to find work? If you test positive for drug abuse why does the government owe you welfare and food stamps? If your country sucks so bad why does our government owe you citizenship and free healthcare, welfare and food stamps? If you made a bad decision as an adult why is it still up to your parents to bail you out? Why is it a taxpayers duty to bail out failing corporations that have made poor business decisions? I could go on for hours. However, it does not solve the root problem of our country and what it has become. Our grand parents and parents were from an era of honesty, integrity and a work ethic that bolstered success. Have we failed our previous generations?

Let’s face it America. Our dollar is not worth the paper it is printed on according to the actions of our current administration. If we don’t have enough money simply print more. Sadly this theory is devaluing our money across the world. We are in astronomical debt to countries that if they decided it was time to pay up we would all be in for a reality check. Where is the accountability for being a contributing member of the United States of America society? Work ethic among today’s youth is a myth their parents told them about. As a nation we appear weak to those who would want to induce harm on our great people. We simply open our borders to all who want to join the freebie train, climb in debt proving no moral ethic of paying your bills and if it were not for those illegal immigrants coming across our borders no manual labor would get done. This is a very sad irony. It took generations over two hundred years to build our country. We could very well lose it with one generation of non thinkers, a lack of principles and no accountability as to where we are headed. This is the Pussification of America. We need our balls back!


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