Stressed Environment Truck club founded in the summer of 1995 by Gary Rankin and Rich Bautista. The club was founded on a principle that custom truck enthusiasts don’t have to treat others like shit because they “thought” their vehicle was better. We had been monitoring a trend in the early 90’s where a ten dollar piece of wood (trophy) became more important to some than the human factor of treating those as you would like to be treated. We reached a boiling point when, then editor Mike Shartsis, of Mini Truckin magazine published some very hateful replies to a young man about his reaching out for advice on customizing a Ford Taurus. He was advised by Mr Shartsis to, “Sell mamma’s car and buy a truck. When you do feel free to consult with me again.” This was an outrageous statement to make to someone just coming into the custom vehicle scene that could potentially become a asset to aftermarket manufacturers and custom shops by spending money within those establishments. After all, we were in the midst of the “car” craze with Caprices and Impalas being highly customized. Not to mention Astro vans were the current trend. Nothing says Mama’s grocery runner than an Astro van. But we loved them.

It is no secret, and we pull no punches, that Mike Shartsis was the founder of Relaxed Atmosphere. We had many friends in RA and still do. However, we needed to make a statement that this attitude towards others interested in the custom scene was simply not cool. After all, these same kids spend their money on product, service, shows, motels in show areas, restaurants and many other aspects of what the scene entailed. We felt it best to nurture anyone wanting to take part in the custom scene and economy that comes from it. We felt the editor of Mini Truckin had forgotten who paid his salary and blessed him with the ability to be in his position – The Readers of his employer’s magazine.

Hence, Stressed Environment was born. For many years we grew and flourished because we believed in treating others as we wanted to be treated. With the addition of organizing Primedia’s Texas Extreme Truck Show in New Braunfels, TX for three years we made full circle in the communication of our message. We wanted to show, not talk, to people with respect and have a great time doing what we loved to do. Over the years Stressed Environment added new chapters and family in different areas of Texas and Oklahoma. As we grew older, and lost some great brothers, things died down in 2005. Although there are no tagged vehicles running the shows in current days our brotherhood still remains in tact with life long friends made throughout the years. To a small group of great brothers Stressed Environment will always live and will rise again. We are watching and awaiting our children to have the same joy we took in the custom show scene. We take pride in knowing we did everything in our power to preserve the very scene we loved for future generations.